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The absolute hardest part of keeping a Healthy diet for me is eating on the go... Thanks to Kuma Shake, I always have something in my bag...

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I have been searching for years to find a dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free keto shake. The keto lifestyle is quite hard when your on the go.  Kuma makes keto a breeze!


The texture and taste of Kuma Shake seemed rich and filling. I really liked the coconut oil for high fats and MCT's for my keto brain.


I received my pre-order and just as I thought, the taste is amazing! Not to mention the wholesome ingredients and health benefits. What a wonderful product!

Jenna Hopkins (amazon)

I just recently made my second order that should tell you something! THIS Kuma Shake is exactly what I was looking for to begin my ketogenic diet.

Amazon Customer

There is N O T H I N G like it on the market that supports Ketogenic dieters with the amount of fat per serving. 


What's in the Kuma Shake™? ​

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4:1 Ketogenic - - Truly Keto

Kuma was designed to be more than 4:1 ketogenic meaning more than 90% of the calories are fat derived.

4:1 is the original ratio as invented by Dr. Wilder in 1924 when he invented the Ketogenic diet. It is scientifically proven to keep your body in ketosis. 

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There is NOTHING like it ...

Healthy Nutrition Powerhouse

We've added high-oleic sunflower oil, coconut oil and red palm oil (fair-trade certified). Then we added healthy micronutrients such as turmeric root, black pepper extract, magnesium, iodine and C, D vitamins.

Kuma Shake suggested serving is 4oz. (8oz. Bottle), 18.5g fat and only 2.5g net carbs. 

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Meet Our Founders

We are a predominantly women’s owned family business operating out of Rockaway Beach, NY. As a U.S. business we care about offering premium quality ketogenic health foods that are ethically sourced, good for our customers and good for the environment. 

Ilene Kapelner, MA, RD, CDE

Adam Kapelner, PhD

Marla Kapelner, OTR, ACE-PT, NASM-PES

To your health!

What is the ​Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is a diet that produces ketones. Research has shown that it can be  used  therapeutically for different medical  conditions and has many health benefits for abnormal sugar metabolism.

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Why does Kuma contain sugar?

Kuma contains a small amount of sucrose  (5g in 8oz bottle). Keep in mind, sucrose occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. Once sugar passes through your intestines, your liver and bloodstream doesn't know (or care), if its from a vegetable or Kuma. 5g is a trivial amount and will not throw you out of ketosis or raise your blood sugar, especially if consumed with 37g of fat. Sucrose has also been around for centuries and is the most stable for FDA requirements. 

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